CypressTech provides cutting edge ‘Managed’ backup solution. We partner with Code42 (Crashplan) for reliable backup processes and data storage.

We provide a four stage backup solution that provides for an offsite (cloud) backups, local backups, Windows Shadow Copies, and a complete server image backup.

In addition, we utilize the Google Cloud Platform for data storage. This allows our clients to store and share documents with team members and colleges, collaborate and access them from any device or location from the cloud.

It also allows us to offload data to a centralized location to free up hard drive space and for easier access directly or programmatically through API’s. In other words, we can allow your system’s to share data with each other, with a customer’s system, mobile apps and more.

Backing up our data was always a huge concern of ours; however, now we know that our data is getting moved to an offsite location in the event that we have a fire or flood in our office. Also, being able to access our information from anywhere has been extremely helpful and convenient. I can look at my documents from phone or tablet.

– Shane L, Cloud Solutions Customer