MANAGED SERVICES is a pro-active computer and network management solution.

We strongly feel that this model of service is the most cost effective and efficient method of maintaining your business network. We charge you a monthly rate and manage and maintain your computers and network for you.

Most issues are resolved before our clients are even aware of a problem because of this pro-active approach and all support calls are included in this monthly rate. Your monthly invoices for the Premium Packaged Managed Services are fixed, making budgeting easier.   

We partner with you and want you to feel like we are your in-house IT staff, at a fraction of what you would pay for a full-time employee, and at the same time, benefiting from a team of technology professionals.

FIXED PRICING to support your computers starting at $19/PC per month.

Since switching to Managed Services, we no longer have to worry about unexpected costs due to computer related issues. We pay a flat monthly fee and can utilize CypressTech support as we need. In addition, we know that our system is being monitored, maintained and kept up to date without having to worry.

– Scott B, Managed Services Customer