Server Support is critical and should not be neglected.

CypressTech has developed a sound knowledge base which allowed to provide an outstanding experience to all customers in terms of server support and monitoring. We offer monthly Server Maintenance for your company which is pro-active support for your server.

“Server Maintenance” involves keeping a server updated and running so that your computer network can operate smoothly. Your server is the most critical component of your business network.

Server Support is a monthly service our technician remotely performs on our clients’ servers. It takes about an hour and is critical to ensure your server is running at optimal performance.

Our clients rarely have server issues or performance drop-offs due to this pro-active maintenance.

Before we started the Server Support program, we were trying to keep our server updated by our employees in house. We had to learn the hard way that we should have left it up to the professionals.

– Terry D, Server Support Customer