VOIP Simply Means Your Phone System Uses Your Existing Internet Connection

We are excited to announce that CypressTech is reselling IP (internet) phone systems. IP phones use your internet access instead of traditional (AT&T) copper wires. Since you already have an internet connection, why not use it to run your phone system too? No need to pay for additional services no longer needed, like land lines.

VOIP is like landlines that use the internet, resulting in crystal clear calls and an endless amount of features (such as the ability to receive your office calls on your cell phone or PC). This solution will save you money over traditional copper wire phone systems.

VOIP Phone System Features Include

  • Crystal Clear voice conversations, Extremely reliable – Never had an outage yet!
  • Application that turns your mobile phone and computer into a working phone
  • TONS of cool features – voicemail, mobile apps, etc.
  • 60 second response time support from an AMERICAN by dialing 611
  • Option to use eFax OR use an ATA box to work with your traditional FAX
  • Can port existing phone numbers ($25/per number cost), Cost is $25 per month per user
  • Requires purchase of IP phones – we’ll assist you with this!

We really believe that you will be extremely satisfied with our IP phone services.

Our new VOIP phone system was amazingly easy to switch over to. Now every employee has their own phone number and voicemail at their desk. All calls can easily be forwarded to mobile phones when we are out of the office. Our only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner and continued to over pay the phone company for old technology.

– Steve M, VOIP Phone System Customer